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About Me

My name is Kavish Hukmani!

I am a Master of Science in Business Analytics candidate at UC Davis with 1 year of experience as a Data Scientist in a SaaS startup using Python to solve Machine Learning and Optimization problems at scale.

Specialties: Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Statistical Exploration, Optimization, Big Data, Computer Vision
Programming Languages: Python, SQL dialects (MySQL, BigQuery, MS SQL), R, Java
Technologies: Linux, Tableau, Gurobi, AWS, GCP, Advanced Excel, Git

I follow a number of sports ranging from Soccer, Formula1 to various eSports. Other than that, I love solving puzzles and listening to music.

Anything and everything that can be classified as technology fascinates me.👨‍💻

I am always open to new ideas and opportunities. You can learn more about me on GitHub or LinkedIn or reach out to me directly at